zondag 14 september 2008

EUR 126 million for IT&C from structural funds in Romania in 2008

The public administration has at hand in 2008 more than EUR 126 million from structural funds destined to IT&C sector and for SMEs more than EUR 38 million, announced on August 12 Minister of communications Karoly Borbely in a press conference. "Total amounts which might be accessed based on appeals to be launched this year – eight operations out of 10 - are of approximately EUR 165 million, the highest amount, more than EUR 126 million euros being earmarked for the public administration", stressed Borbely. He mentioned that the Government's zero priority is the absorption of structural funds but, unfortunately, the local councils and authorities are "inhibited" by these funds and are not ready for their ccession. "We will continue our actions launched in the territory for the promotion of these significant financing means for the activity at the local level because I do not expect a high absorption level this year", added the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCTI) official.

The first 3.1.1 operation - Facilitating the SME entrepreneurs access to knowledge regarding the management and development of the company - was launched in April 2008, and the beneficiaries could put forward their projects up to August 22. Till present, a number of 120 projects were submitted on this operation, the project value ranging between EUR 20,000 and EUR 25,000. Another six operations for European funds accession were to be launched on August 20 and projects will be received till November 28, with another two to be launched on September 2 and the deadline set on December 12, 2008.

Source: Agerpres.

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