zaterdag 3 maart 2012

BeRoBa ( Belgian Romanian Business Association )

Beginning 2012, the Belgian Romanian Business Association will be active in Romania, shortly named BeRoBa.
BeRoBa’s mission is to promote the Belgium-Romanian trade and investment by supporting and defending,the interests of the members, to provide information about doing business in Romania for Belgian companies and with possible Belgian companies, to create visibility of the quality of the Belgium business community in Romania and to put Belgium as a trustworthy partner in the Romanian business community.
Founding members are some of the captains of the Belgium business environment, like Mr. Jan De Clerck (President Domo Investment Group), Mr. Robert Colligent (CEO Carmeuse), Mr. Philippe Lejeune (MD Cora), Mr. Emile Maes (CEO Eursosense), Mr. Guido Pauwels (CEO GDM Electronics), Mr. Erik Demaerel (CEO Overseas Group), Mr. Teodor Apostel (CEO Shipyard ATG), Mr. Noel Essers (President H.Essers), Mr. Johann Rogiers (CEO Liebrecht & Wood), Mr. Tony De Pauw ( CEO WDP), Mr. Philippe Vlerick (CEO Vlerick Group).
H.Essers Romania, as one of the main transport and logistics companies in Romania will be registered as Honorary Member, and will be represented by Marc Paulissen (Country Manager H.Essers Romania) in his function as Vice-President of BeRoba.
On Governmental and political level, BeRoBa will be supported by The Belgium Embassy in Bucharest, Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT) in Bucharest, Agence Wallone a l’Exportation et aux Investissements Etrangers (Awex) in Bucharest and the Romanian Embassy in Brussels.

The offical luanch will be on 19 April in Bucharest.


Freddy Jacobs

President, Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber

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