maandag 23 januari 2017

INTEREST ON DEPOSIT IN KAZAKHSTAN 14 percent per year in 2017

Keeping some cash in your investment portfolio has always been important for both an emergency fund and to meet short-term goals. But in 2017, it will be even more important, since market volatility is expected to be higher than usual. You don’t want to be forced to sell stocks when you need cash in a down market.
The question is: Where should you put your savings in 2017 ?
One of the answers is : The Republic o Kazakhstan.
Minimum deposit amount USD 5000, EURO 5000 or KZT 750 000                                                           
Min balance USD 5000, EURO 5000 or KZT 750 000                                                                       
Max deposit amount taking in account additional payments for new deposits USD 10 000 000 , EURO 10 000 000  or KZT 1 820 000 000
Net withdrawals: no limitation till min balance                                                                                
Additional payments: no limitation on amount and periodicity of additional payments in line with the max deposit amount
Term of interest rate fixation: interest rate is fixed for the whole period of deposit agreement                 
Interest payment: interest is paid on the first working day of every month on client’s current account
without capitalization
Prolongation: automatic deposit prolongation on the same period, with the same conditions, with interest rate defined by the Bank at the date of deposit prolongation
We help investors with the paperwork and help them to get the paperwork in order to be able to open the savings account in Kazakhstan.
Deposit term
12 months


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