zaterdag 10 april 2010

Hire Romanian workers in Belgium The Netherlands Germany France Spain UK and save 1000 to 2500 Euro per month per worker

Romania has joined the European Union. Since January 2007 the Romanian state improved the mobility of Romanian workers throughout Europe. Per year more then 4 million workers are performing works in foreign countries. The quality of being a member state within EU entitles the citizens of these states to benefit from the four fundamental liberties, for instance, free movement of citizens (persons) which implies also free movement of workers. However the workers still need a E101 form issued by Romanian government if the workers want to work in a European country and get paid by a Romanian company. This creates an advantage and you are able to make savings on your budget. In a period of crisis these considerable savings are more then welcome.

"This is your benefit....and opportunity 1000 - 2500 Euro/month per worker"

How can a production company benefit form these measures ?

Instead of hiring the workers directly on your company you contract a Romanian company to do the Works. The Romanian company is entitled to send the workers to perform under the condition that the Romanian company can obtain a form E101 for the workers that they send.
Another way is to work from Romania with your own Romanian company. So you will have to create your company in Romania.
These are popular measures in the construction sector, metal construction, transport, logistics and similar sectors.

How can a service company benefit from these measures ?

A service company can hire Romanian companies to do the job. This is done for marketing, ict, web design, webhosting, engineering, architecture, service centres (100-400 people), call centres (50-250 people), help centres, back offices, etc...
This can also be your own company. If you have a larger project then you should take controll and do the operations with your own company.

What do we do for you in order to make sure that you have your money and your benefit ?

1. company creation in Romania and pre-set-up you do not have to travel (you save money and time) !
2. The pre-setup is "how to... and why ..."and this comes for free when you create the company with us. So you have all reasons to ask us to create your company.
3. In the pre-setup we optimize the salaries for each and every worker so that you pay the lowest contributions (you earn money for the second time)
4. we go in the company with you as a white collar at low price and facilitate your start and we obtain all the permits for you
5. we look for workers and make the contracts for you - you will only have to sign them
6. we register the workers in Romania so that the labour contracts are valid
7. we do the entire setup as defined in the preliminary setup that we do with your team before we start the execution of the works

How do we get paid ?

On average the initial amount invested is earned back in 3-4 months (or faster - depending on the number of workers). So basically you do a small investment and you are sure that you will have a return since we personally commit to make you company( set-up) work.

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