zondag 12 december 2010

Renewable heating projects worth 11.388 ml lei approved

Romanian Economic Highlights, September 13, 2010. According to data provided by the Environment Fund Administration (AFM), under the program for the installation of heating systems using renewable energy, including the replacement or completion of classic heating systems - "Casa Verde", 1,883 files for financing natural persons were approved. Their total value is of 11.388 million lei. A total number of 2,270 files were checked until the end of August 2010. The projects' application began in July 2010 and the total budget rose to 110 million lei. Most of the files applied for the projects for the increase of energy production from renewable sources, and amount to 726 million euros. AFM has a total budget of 3.797 billion lei representing commitment appropriations and the sum available until the end of the year rises to 1.3 billion lei. The program to boost renewable energy sources has a budget of 440 million lei allocated; 170 million lei are assigned for the national program for improving environmental quality by creating green spaces in localities; the program of improving environmental quality by the afforestation of degraded agricultural plots has 100 million lei earmarked. As much as 300 million lei were allocated for the program for the protection of water resources, integrated water supply systems, treatment plants, sewage and purification plants; the program for the closing of settlement ponds in the mining areas will have a 100 million lei budget, the program on the installation of heating systems using renewable energy will be allocated 80 million lei, the program for the construction of bicycle tracks will dispose of a 54 million lei budget. The program for the public's education and awareness regarding the protection of the environment has a 20 million lei budget.

Source: Agerpres

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