zondag 12 december 2010

Rural development projects attract 31.6 pct of EU funds

Romanian Economic Highlights, September 6, 2010. More than 13,500 contracts worth over 3.16 billion euros were concluded by Aug. 18 and the incurred payments amount to 613.72 million euros. Other 826 million euros represent payments made for the support measures on eligible surfaces implemented by the Agency for Payment and Intervention in Agriculture (APIA), given that the National Rural Development Programme has 10 billion euros for the 2007-2013 time span, out of which 1.43 billion euros are payments incurred. By now, the Payment Agency for Rural Development and Fisheries (APDRP) received 5,220 financing claims to modernise the agricultural holdings, and contracts were signed for 1,514 of these, with a non-reimbursable value of 526.9 million euros. At the same time, payments of over 182 million euros were made. The maximum non-reimbursable amount may be up to two million euros per one project. As for the Adding Value to Agricultural and Forestry Products Measure, out of 913 claims submitted financing agreements were signed for 376. The projects' public value is over 365 million euros, and the payments made exceed 48 million euros. The maximum non-reimbursable amount may be up to two million euros per one project. The projects under the Village Renewal and Development Measure receive 100 percent non-reimbursable European funds for investments, which are carried out in the rural areas, represented by communes, as territorial-administrative units, together with their villages. Over 3,039 financing claims were submitted and the amount of 1.57 billion euros allotted for this measure, by 2013, has been exceeded five times by now. So far, 585 projects worth 1.51 billion euros were contracted, the contracting stage still being under way. The payments made total around 74 million euros. The maximum non-reimbursable amount may be up to 6 million euros. Within the support measure for micro-enterprises setting up and development, launched in September 2008, 3,980 financing claims were submitted. By Aug. 18, around 1,261 projects were contracted, worth almost 183 million euros, but the contracting process is under way. The maximum non-reimbursable amount may be up to 200,000 euros. The activities related to tourism are encouraged by the Measure launched in September 2008. Around 1,401 financing applications were submitted, and 595 projects were contracted, amounting to 105.12 million euros. Most of the beneficiaries were interested in the accommodation structures financial component. Thus, 500 beneficiaries requested support of maximum 200,000 euros to build or update lodging houses, huts and so on. The measure on setting up young farmers was received with great interest. Around 5,261 financing claims were submitted, and 2,671 projects were contracted worth over 56 million euros.

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