zondag 31 oktober 2010

wind energy romania - investment on network

The Transelectrica Company includes in the next five-six year investment plans the construction of eight power transformation plants and the corresponding transmission lines in the Dobrogea area, a high potential area in the wind energy production, Capital publication reads. The estimated amount for these investments raises up to approximately 250 million euros, necessary for the connection of the wind turbines to the national grid, a connection for which agreements totalling 3,600 MW have already been signed. After the investment is complete, the energy takeover capacity will be of 4,000 MW.

“These investments will be correlated with the investors’ plans for the wind turbines,” Transelectrica head of Corporate Strategy Directorate Razvan Purdila said, cited by Capital.

At the end of 2009, Romania ranked 23rd out of 27 among the European Union states on the capacity of wind energy production, with a total 14 MW, up by 3 MW from the previous year, shows a study made by the European Wind Energy Association.
Transelectrica is a public company, with monopoly activities in the electric power distribution, having an up-to-date capitalization of almost 1.3 billion lei (approximately 305 million euros).

According to the data of the electric power operator for the Romanian market controlled by Transelectrica (OPCOM), the average price of electric power in January-August on the market was 149.6 lei per MW/h, growing by 10 percent, from 135.8 lei per MW/h in the last year's similar period. The transaction rate of internal consumption grew up to 16.12 percent from 13.4 percent in the same period of last year. The main shareholder is the Ministry of Economy, which owns 73.68 percent of the share capital and the Fondul Proprietatea controls 13.5 percent.

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