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Infra red heating: the savings of the future

CIBR – the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber has the exclusive importer contract with the Belgian leading supplier of IR- heated panels.

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A word about the technology provider

Energy Products Group SA (EPG) develops, manufactures, and distributes infrared heating appliances and solutions for use in domestic, commercial, and industrial environments. EPG believes infrared heating technologies have an enormous potential as an energy-saving, cost-efficient, and comfort-enhancing alternative to traditional heating systems.

EPG has built up a unique level of expertise in infrared heating since 1999. The company has also teamed up with several strategically important industrial and academic partners to develop its product lines.

EPG has its main headquarters in Belgium, with a worldwide distribution network covering Europe, North America, Russia, and South America. Cibr is the contact for Romania.

All that you need to know about infrared heating technology

For a lot of people this technology is unknown……Let’s try to inform the general public on this new technology.

At the heart of heating system is a far-infrared ray panel, which consists of heat-resistant glass fiber plates to which an incombustible carbon plate is attached. Its front surface makes it easy to spread radiant heat, while its back-side is heat-resistant, ensuring no damage to walls/ceilings to which it is attached.

Once electricity flows through the heating Panel, its temperature raises to between 85 and 105 degrees Celcius within four minutes, and 96.1% of the total energy is evenly radiated as far-infrared rays, providing gentle, effective warmth to the entire room.

In a room with a traditional air circulation or conduction heating system, the overall room temperature must be increased until the room's occupants feel warm.

The time taken to achieve this level of warmth increases costs and also carbon emissions.

However Radiant-Heating System radiates far-infrared rays from its Heating Panels directly the people and objects in the room, providing significant and effective heat to the room without drying the air, in a fraction of the time of conventional methods.

A safe and eco-friendly heating system is provided by cibr in Romania

* The panels produce no waste or residue, are CE certified and pose no fire hazard. Quiet and safe with no vibration, the panels remove unpleasant odors and destroy viruses, germs, mites & bacteria, improving the overall health of the surrounding environment
* The panels do not emit any harmful electronic waves
* The overall savings on maintenance are more then 70%
* The panels use the “plug and heat” technology
* Infrared is a specific kind of light, invisible to the human eye, but to which we are nevertheless highly sensitive. It is very efficiently absorbed by the body giving a deep warm feeling. On a bright sunny day, we can feel perfectly comfortable in just a T-shirt, even though the air temperature may be close to freezing. Think of the typical après-ski scene, or of a walk in the high mountains.
* Beneficial to your health. Infrared radiation stimulates the blood circulation and reduces humidity in buildings. Less air circulation means it is also anti-allergenic.
* Emission-free heating. Natural heating panels are emission-free, meaning they are safe to use. Completely eliminates the risk of toxic emissions. There is no risk of carbon monoxide emissions and the panels do not disturb the air or promote dust. There is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
* A more efficient way of heating Energy savings up to 50%. Infrared heating reduces energy consumption between 25 to 50% compared to conventional heating systems. Good for your budget. Comfortable surroundings are achieved at much lower room temperatures, as the heat is absorbed directly.
* Good for the environment. Saving energy means less greenhouse gas emissions. And when green electricity is used, the heating panels are CO2 neutral.
* Easy to install. All you need to do is fix the panels to the wall or to the ceiling, and provide an electrical connection. No pipes, no drilling, no chimneys.
* Maintenance-free. The heating panels require no maintenance, because there are no moving parts, no burners, no filters, no fuel lines, …
* Flexible re-use. The panels are easily moved, so you can take the panels with you when you change locations. This also makes it easier to re-arrange or re-decorate rooms.
* Optimal space efficiency. the heating panels can be mounted on walls or ceilings and their sleek design creates extra space to live and work in.

Source: Camera Imobiliara Belgia Romania, July 2011

website caldura ieftin

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