zaterdag 29 november 2014

Recruitment And Staffing Agency For Ict Specialists In Romania

Employ ICT specialists in Romania via the recruitment factory
Romania is one of the fastest-growing information technology (IT) markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The country has made significant progress in all of the information and communications technology (ICT) subsectors, including basic telephony, mobile telephony, the Internet and IT. The country’s telecoms sector has been deregulated, expanded and modernized over the past 15 years.
Romania is the leader in Europe, and sixth in the world, in terms of the number of certified IT specialists, with density rates per 1,000 inhabitants greater than in the US or Russia.
Your advantage
  • If you want, we employee ICT specialists in Romania for you so you do not need to have a Romanian company and all of its burdens and administration
  • You have full control over the group of ICT specialists that we recruit for you
  • You manage the ICT specialists directly; we will act as coaches and take care of all the administration and salary administration
  • You do not pay electricity, water, gas etc…
  • You do not pay any rent for office space
  • What do we bill you is a flat fee per ICT specialist / per month so no surprise for you and 
250 euro /6 months for general costs
For more info mail Freddy Jacobs, executive partner at ‘the recruitment factory’
Flexible employment solutions via our recruitment and staffing agency in Romania
We develop a range of flexible employment solutions that go beyond those offered by traditional contracts in order to support companies to achieve greater flexibility and take benefit from today’s labor market opportunities.
More services -  Less expenses for the recruitment ict specialists in Romania
We customize the services we deliver to meet the very specific needs of our customers and ensemble various services into helpful and cost effective solutions.
Work with us for recruitment and staffing in Romania
  1. if your business requires seasonal workforce on a short notice
  2. if your staff turnover rate is high
  3. if you want to try a new employee before offering a permanent contract, we can take them on the payroll but you will have full control
  4. if you overpay your employees and need to downsize wages without burocracy
  5. if you want to make layoffs with minimum trouble
  6. if you need to outsource staff
  7. if you don’t have a legal entity in Romania and need an agent to prospect the market and launch your local operations

Our recruitment services in Romania include:
  • Tailored Advertising;
  • Extensive Database Search & Selection;
  • Candidate Interviewing;
  • References check;
  • Interview Report;
  • Phone/ Video interview with shortlisted candidates;
  • Face to Face interview arrangements;
  • Administrative work and legal counseling;

No ICT -  engineering or technical vacancy is too big or too small for our recruitment agency and we will help you find the perfect solution for your job or vacancy requirement. We recognize that the pressure on both the demand and supply sides of the market for suitable, qualified and flexible personnel is high, which is why we make the best use of our resources to provide the highest possible success rate for applicant and business alike. We will not waste time giving false expectations but we will provide a first-class professional service to achieve successful results. We combine our experience, technology and the latest assessment tools to ensure we present only the best candidates These are just some of the steps we take to ensure that you get the right candidate, at the right time - every time. Our recruitment processes are designed to match the perfect candidate to the right job. Our company, “The recruitment Factory”, can help companies to find ICT specialists at a high level with minimal costs. We can search and employ for you, and you don’t have to have a company in Romania because we can take them on the payroll. They can work for you from distance, but integrated in your team at home. You will have the full control over these employees.
You don’t need any capital investments; we provide a secure environment in offices where the employees can enjoy the working day.
Visit for more information:
For more info mail Freddy Jacobs, executive partner at ‘the recruitment factory’

donderdag 20 november 2014

Leads And Business Opportunities In Romania - November 2014

Leads and business opportunities in Romania November 2014 - become a member of the chamber and receive them every month and create the possibility to ask for contact data in order to accelerate your business. Download the leads in the attached pdf file please.

New president in Romania November 2014

presidential election took place in Romania in 2014, and was held in two rounds, on November 2 and 16. In the first round, out of a record number of fourteen runners the top two candidates qualified in a run-off. Victor Ponta, acting Prime Minister and leader of the Social Democratic Party won around 40% of the vote, and Klaus Iohannis, mayor of Sibiu and leader of Christian Liberal Alliance, won around 30%. Following massive protests on how Ponta's government organized the elections in the diaspora, Klaus Iohannis staged a surprising come-back and won the run-off with 54.5%, or more than a million votes over his contender.
Ponta, acting as Prime Minister of Romania since May 2012, ran his campaign on promoting a national reconciliation message of a "great union" between all Romanians,defending his governance as balanced, with both left-wing and progressive measures, and promising to end the "era" established by the previous president, Traian Băsescu. However, his government faced some indirect international criticism, with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland criticizing in October 2014 what she called the "cancer of democratic regression and corruption" in several Central and Southeastern European nations and with politicians who "protect the corrupt office holders from prosecution and bypass parliament as often as it suits them". Iohannis, belonging to the country's German minority (as a Transylvanian Saxon), focused his campaign on the independence of the justice system and a pro-Western orientation, and promised to promote "Romania of thoroughness" and a "Romania of things well done," while blaming the country's economic and political problems on the regional governance of the Social Democratic Party, the so-called "barons".
The electoral campaign ran between October 3 and November 1 and was overshadowed by several corruption scandals (Microsoftgate, EADS, illegal retrocessions) involving key figures of PSD, but also the candidate Elena Udrea. Outgoing President Traian Băsescuaccused Victor Ponta of being an undercover spy, incompatible under the Romanian legislation with a public position, while Klaus Iohannis faced accusations of incompatibility filed by the National Integrity Agency after September 2013. Following very long voting times and large numbers of people who couldn't vote before the closing of polls in diaspora, large protests were staged in multiple cities across Romania and at Romanian embassies before the second round. This was regarded as both incapacity and unwillingness of Ponta's government to organize fair elections, and led to a surprisingly large turnout of over 64% (largest since 1996), and a surprise win for Iohannis in the second round.

Source: wikipedia