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PPA Package For Subventions Structural Funds And Instruments In Romania For Teh Period 2014 2020

Structural funds and instruments romania 2014 2020
Pre-project-assistance package  (PPA)
In order to prepare for investments with funds from Europe in Romania during 2014-2020 we have prepared  a package to assist you in the pre- project phase:
This is what you get:
  1. We make the project description with you
  2. We follow the developments and publications for you on a tailor made project description
  3. We spot developments in the guides and the operational programs that will be launched from October 2014
  4. Based on our experience in the period 2007 -2013 and our contacts at the ministries we will draft a timeline when the data are available – you will be the first to have the news on the launch of the new programs related to your investment project
  5. We will help you with some advise on preliminary conditions in order to qualify for the subvention programs in time
  6. We will send the guides for subventions when available with some comments

How to subscribe::
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Subventions Structural Funds And Instruments For Romania 2014 2020

We have made a presentation on subventions via  structural funds and instruments for romania for the period 2014 2020 based on the data available today.
Download the presentation in attachment.

dinsdag 23 september 2014

Agricultural Land Romania - Landbouwgronden Roemenie

name of project
923 – A41

923 Timis province 601 hectares
agricultural soil project A41


Lot size: 601ha owned
Type of surface: agriculture soil
Soil quality: cernoziom, black and brown soils
Soil type: Class 1-II
924 – A42

924 Timis province 500 hectares
agricultural soil project 42


Lot size: 500ha owned
Type of surface: agriculture soil
Soil quality: cernoziom, black and brown soils
Soil type: Class 1-II
925 - A43

925 Timis province 750 hectares
agricultural soil project A43


Lot size: 750 ha
Type of surface: agriculture soil
Soil quality: cernoziom, black and brown soils
Soil type: Class 1, 80-90 point class
German standard
926 – A44

926 Dolj province 800 hectares
agricultural soil project A44


Lot size: 800ha
Type of surface: agriculture soil
Soil quality: cernoziom, black and brown soils
Soil type: Class 1I, 80-90 point class
German standard
927 – A45

927 Ialomita province 112 hectares
agricultural soil project 45


Lot size: 112ha
Type of surface: agriculture soil
Soil quality: cernoziom, black and brown soils
Soil type: Class II, 80-90 point class
German standard
928 - A46

928 Timis province 60 hectares owned and 30 hectares leased for 49 yeards agricultural soil project A46


Lot size: 90 ha: 60 ha owned and 30ha leased for 49 years
Type of surface: agriculture soil and construction land
Soil quality: cernoziom, black and brown soils
Soil type: Class 1, 80-90 point class
German standard

zaterdag 13 september 2014

Using a recruitment agency in romania for staffing in romania

Recruitment and recruitment agencies in Romania

The recruitment is a process in Romania of  searching the future candidates and their stimulation in submitting their resumes for the vacancy. The quality of recruitment is the result of the fit between the candidate and the need for recruitment. The key decision is if the organization recruit from the outside or the inside the organization. There are a whole range of recruitment channels available to employers who are trying to find the best employees for their organization. Recruitment agencies in Romania are also cited as a useful source of recruitment.  So, recruitment can be done from internal sources and external sources. External sources can be considered: expensive  sources, sources of intermediaries (like recruitment agencies) and sources considered cheap (E-recruitment, “Open Day” events, recruitment without a CV). Recruitment agencies work on behalf of employers to help them fill the vacancies.  Recruitment agencies can be a great source of career advice. Now placement agencies are coming up as a good source of external recruitment. An agency will only be successful in locating the right applicant if it is equipped with accurate descriptions as specified in job specifications. The recruiter will usually take responsibility for advertising the position, receiving applications and conducting the first round of interviews before providing employers with a short list of candidates. The agency screens the applicants against the client’s requirements and calls in the most suitable applicants for an interview. After interviewing, tests may also be conducted. The employer needs to discuss with the agency the reasons for rejecting all or any of the applicants. Recruitment agencies aim for a “win-win” situation between candidate and company. It is their role to ensure they provide companies with an impressive short list of candidates who meet the criteria for the job. A good recruitment consultant will give feedback on your interview technique and resume layout. Typically, data are collected by a search agent from the host organization to ascertain requirements. A job specification and candidate specification are drawn up to measure the candidates against. Agencies must first obtain “sufficient information” from the employer in order to “select a suitable work seeker”, and include. the name of the employer and the nature of its activities; the date on which the recruit is required, and the duration of the work (temp or perm); the position, its location, hours of work, and known health and safety risks; the  experience, training, qualifications and any authorization that the employer considers necessary; the minimum pay and benefits that the employer would offer, their frequency, and the notice period involved. Agencies should confirm the identity of the recruit and that the person meets the employer’s criteria and that it is willing to work in the position concerned. Agencies must inform the employer any information that indicates the individual might be unsuitable. Agencies will have this duty for perm recruits at least for a period of three months. Agencies will pass copies of any qualifications and two references to the employer.

Staffing and recruiting engineers in Romania

Today, there is a talent war like no other. Startups can’t compete with the rest for developers. Perhaps the answer is to look elsewhere? To countries where the old Soviet education system produced maths and science graduates by the truckload? Romania has low labor costs compared to other EU states. Romanians are adept in foreign languages, and have a high level of engineering and economics education. Some of the companies that have established their businesses in Romania include: Wipro, Siemens, Motorola, Alcatel, HP, Oracle, Xerox, Bosch, and Unicredit.
Romania is located between Bulgaria and Ukraine and has a population of around 22 million, with Romanians making up 90%. The official language is Romanian, followed by Hungarian and Romani. There are an estimated ten million people who speak English and French, with some who also speak Spanish, Italian, and German. Romania is a secular state, however 87 percent are members of the Romanian Orthodox Church Roman Catholics and Protestants only make up about four to five percent of the population.
When Romania joined the European Union in 2007, the nation had a virtually obsolete industrial base with a lagging economy. In 2005, the government changed its progressive tax system into a flat tax of 16% for its corporate profit and personal income, making Romania the nation with the lowest fiscal burdens in the EU. 2009 saw major economic hardships in Romania, but through major budgetary cutbacks, the nation is once again seeing improvement and is expected to resume growth by the end of 2014.
You will find the largest tech communities in the historical university centers of Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara & Iasi. In Bucharest you have the largest and most diverse talent pool, but also a more competitive environment with higher volatility. In smaller communities there’s a stronger sense of reputation. Western cities like Timisoara and Cluj tend to have better work ethic.
Finding really valuable engineers in Romania takes time. The general guidelines are to hire a ‘magnet coder’ that can attract other trusted people from the community. When recruiting, look for Polytechinc graduates from one of the above university centers.
The best screening for engineers is high school. There is a bit of an ‘Ivy League’ of high schools in Romania. These schools are focused on math and computer science. Every large city has one or two. Generally, people coming out of these top schools are no schmucks. Also, pay attention to see if they won any competitions and whether they had jobs or pet projects while still in school. University education in Romania, though thorough, tends not to encourage independent thought.
Good Romanian engineers don’t like to be the 15th person down the chain working on a little piece of code or feel disconnected from the business. They are more likely to defect to another business if they don’t feel inspired by you or your company or the team you assemble. The real geniuses will do their own thing, just as anywhere else.
Finally, the most appealing trait of Romanians is that they live on both sides of the brain. They have ingenuity and skill, a precious combination no matter where you find it. Soon know-how and self-belief will catch up and they will be on a truly level playing field, possibly for the first time ever.
Engineers’ contribution to technological innovation applied in the market place is indispensable for achieving higher economic growth as well as for creating new jobs, securing clean energy supply, sustaining natural resources and tackling the challenges associated with climate change. Ensuring the availability of a sufficient number of well-qualified engineers across all countries must be a policy priority for the years to come. One of the challenges associated with the design and implementation of adequate EU-wide policies, is to correctly assess the starting point.

Engineering workers according to ISCO-88 

1.         Architects, town and traffic planners
2.         Civil engineers
3.         Electrical engineers
4.         Electronics and telecommunications engineers
5.         Mechanical engineers
6.         Chemical engineers
7.         Mining engineers, metallurgists and related professionals
8.         Cartographers and surveyors
9.         Architects, engineers and related professionals not elsewhere classified

Source: ILO, 2004 

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Recruitment And Recruitment Company In Romania

Our recruitment services in Romania
The demands of the 21st century enterprise require HR leaders with cross-functional skills and experience to balance immediate, transactional priorities with the need to forge longer-term talent management strategy – from workforce alignment and organizational development to succession management and talent supply chain issues.
We offer complete solutions within recruitment where advertisement, networking, databases and search is included in Romania. We differentiate by offering search as a natural part and complement of the recruitment process. This will give the full picture of the candidates that are available on the market and we will select the best candidates for the assignment. We assign our experienced recruitment consultants to clients according to the number of positions which need to be filled. If requested, these consultants will take over the entire recruitment process, including interviews and candidate selection, advising respective departments and drafting contracts. If needed we hire the candidates for our clients and register the labor contracts.
Executive search and middle management in Romania
We are specialized in the recruitment of executives, management and specialists in engineering and sales in Romania. We implements demanding and interesting recruitment assignments for domestic and international companies. We work with targeted direct search in the market, including executive searches, handling advertisements and recruitment processes.
Employees and workers from Romania
We help companies to find workers and employees on a tailor made basis. Our “organized recruitment” of workers and employees  is a system of recruiting unskilled and skilled labor for industry, construction, transportation, and farming. Recruiting the best employees for your organization is an ongoing challenge for every manager, supervisor and human resources professional. If you're looking for solid, proven best practices and up-to-the-minute ideas in recruitment, interviewing and selection, you've found the right partner in recruitment. Our approach is tailor made and we provide you with workers and employees that will fit in your organization with the defined skills and experience.
Here is what we offer:
  • Analyzing your business strategy and personnel requirement.
  • Evaluating employee qualifications.
  • Identifying the skills and staff you’ll need today and in the future.
  • Designing a recruitment strategy around your business goals.
  • Implement national and international recruitment programs.
  • Integrated management of all channels in order to find the right candidates.
  • Assessments using a wide range of recruitment procedures and skill profiles.

Outsourcing: we install and manage your workforce in Romania !
Today labour cost is high. Most organizations and companies can outsource part of the administrative and engineering work to Romania. We can host your “unit” in our business and incubation center.
The quality of your people is what gives your organization the edge. To maintain that edge in an increasingly competitive world, you need to become ever more adept at recruiting and retaining talent with impact. Our recruitment process outsourcing provides local, regional, and national outsourcing recruitment services to a wide range of organizations around the country. Addressing all areas of talent management strategy, we help businesses attract better people while simultaneously reducing cost and time to hire. A unit in Romania should be less expensive and perform at the same level.
The services we offer are based on experience and knowledge accumulated over time, modern work methods and techniques, knowledge in Romanian market and clear understanding of the clients’ needs. We create new solutions to our customers in order to efficient the HR processes and reduce costs. We are trusted advisers to our clients, and help them to build capacity and capability – often during periods of major change. Using its own methodology and its own database, our company will ensure perfect compatibility between job requirements and candidates proposed by performing such preselecting required.
On top of that we host the selected employees in Romania and manage them (including pay roll administration).  We commit to make the “outsourced” unit work.
Executive search and search procedures for Romania

High-caliber and committed leaders are an essential component for business success. Top appointments transform organizations: selecting the right executive recruitment search firm is essential.
We know that what we do really matters. Our long experience of executive recruitment and strong principles enable us to provide a thoroughly discrete and wholly professional service to both clients and candidates. Selecting the best is a matter of judgment. Clients get the best results from an executive recruitment firm whose values they share. Search requires skill, expertise, knowledge and determination, and the highest standards.
We see our strength, uniqueness and difference being our passion, team work, collegiality, commitment and culture. Our clients enjoy working with us, and genuinely feel they gain outstanding talent that makes a difference to their organization.
From initial executive search strategy formulation through to successful appointment, we deliver tangible results. We have outstanding reach to a national talent base and deep industry expertise delivered through sector specific practices with consultant’s expert in their fields. Our ability to deliver diverse shortlists through a wide ranging candidate network and our refreshing approach to business, explains why clients choose to work with us on a long-term basis.
Whether a company is looking to introduce a new seat on the board, replacing a key executive, or bringing in fresh talent for a major transformation programme, our company’s experience, reach and expertise will support them to build a world-class leadership team.
We understand that our recruitment services play a crucial role in the development and success of our clients’ business. Each assignment is unique and we tailor the approach depending on the needs of the client and the sector.
We take a thorough, research-based approach to finding the best candidates. We then approach these individuals to understand their aspirations and, if we feel there is a potential fit, inform them of the opportunity. The result from this proven process is a concise, vetted shortlist of the strongest candidates in the marketplace.
We personally meet/interview each individual. We describe and build interest in the opportunity while closely reviewing their professional background and experience by conducting competency-based interviews.
Lastly, we choose the most qualified talent and create interview assessment briefs that detail our evaluation of each top candidate. This process adds critical value, as the client is provided with a meaningful overview of the candidate's history, both professional and personal. Ultimately, this will provide an early indication of the match for both the candidate and the company.
Finally, the selected candidate - the best candidate for the job - is ready to begin a new job and start contributing to the client's business success.
Manpower recruitment process in Romania
An organization’s performance and resulting productivity are directly proportional to the quality and quantity of human resources.
Employees are the most important asset for a business. They serve to create or promote an organization's culture, and they significantly affect the success of a business. In challenging economic times, the cost of hiring inefficient personnel may prove to be detrimental to the profitability of an organization. An effective and thorough manpower-recruiting process requires an employer to carefully choose the most talented employees who will positively benefit the organization or business.
Selecting the most suitable candidate entails counterchecking with the references provided. References offer information about the character and competencies of the applicant. Employers also carry out background checks to establish criminal records and driving offenses. A final interview may be carried out with the selected applicant to discuss matters such as salary, wages and working schedules. The selection process ends when the employer offers the vacant position to the most qualified candidate.
Proper selection and placement of human resources would not only contribute to achievement of objectives and smooth running of an organization but also offer significant potential for future development. Therefore building and maintaining effective human resources is very important function of human resources management.
Our high completion rate, repeat business from major clients and extensive client and candidate recommendations demonstrate the level of satisfaction that clients gain from partnering with us. Our highly professional approach provides speed and efficiency, driving down the search time-scale without compromising quality standards.
Finding people with an exact set of skills is something we can do quickly by accessing our proprietary database and information tools. Research is part of the team process of our company and every client project is unique in its strategy and our approach to the market.
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