zaterdag 18 juni 2011

Report retail and logistics in Romania june 2011 - danube strategy

1. Presentation of the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber
2. Why is there a future for Constanta as a gateway ?
3. Council gave green light for Danube Strategy
4. Available plots for logistic investments in Romania
5. Logistic and business center for sale in Bucharest , Romania
6. Taxes of only 3% on a micro company from 1 january 2011
7. New business center in Buzau (central location in Romania)
8. How to create a Romanian Company
9. Investments in Logistics in Romania and industrial investments in Romania
10. Employ Romanian workers & drivers and earn 1000 Euro/per worker/per month
11. Linking partners & events

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zaterdag 11 juni 2011

Renewable Energy News Romania May 2011

Provided by Freddy M.E. Jacobs
Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber
President – the cibr blog

Electromagnetica invests 10 million euros in two hydropower plants

Producer of electrical and telecommunications equipment Electromagnetica Bucharest (ELMA) has announced its intentions to invest some 10 million euros in the construction of a small hydropower plant and in the modernization of another unit of production in the Brodina River basin, located in the Suceava County (north-eastern Romania), Ziarul financiar daily reads on April 7. The plant is going to invest by 30% more than the amount provided for this purpose in the budget - 7.7 million euros, with the investment plan having already been approved by shareholders at the recent General Assembly. Electromagnetica started producing electric power in 2007, following the acquisition of several units from Hidroelectrica. The company recorded 6.7 million euros in net profit in 2009, double compared with results in 2008. The 2009 turnover amounted to about 94.6 million euros.

Source: Ziarul Financiar, 7 april 2011

Investors kick off works on 1,082 MW Romania-sited wind parks

The Construction works had kicked off by March 2011 for wind power projects with an aggregate installed capacity of 1,082 MW, director of the Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) Radu Regman told a seminar on energy. "Connection approvals were issued so far for a total capacity of 11,000 MW and contracts were signed for 6,000 MW; incorporation approvals were also issued and construction works have started for facilities with a combined capacity of 1,082 MW," said Regman. He added that "wind power will cover 70-80 pct of the renewable energy production target." Romania increased last year its installed wind capacity by 448 MW to 462 MW, landing the seventh position in the EU by the growth in volume, reads a report by the European Wind Energy Association - EWEA. The share of wind energy of the total domestic consumption is 24 pct in Denmark, 14 pct in Spain and Portugal, about 10 pct in Ireland and Germany, and 5.3 pct across the EU; wind power covers just 1.6 pct of Romania’s electricity consumption. Numerous wind power projects are underway or under preparation in Romania, developed by companies such as CEZ (350 MW), Iberdrola (500-600 MW), Verbund (200 MW), Energias de Portugal (230 MW) or Continental Wind Partners (232 MW).

Source: Agerpres, ROMANIAN ECONOMIC HIGHLIGHTS, April 11, 2011.

Energy industry in figures

Energy amount traded on PCCB in 2010, up to 79,165 GWh

The amount of energy traded last year on the Centralized Market of Bilateral Contracts (PCCB) was of 79,165 GWh, about 22 percent higher compared to the one traded in 2009, according to data centralized by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE). The average trading price last year stood at 161.62 lei / MWh, compared to 161.37 lei / MWh in 2009. A volume of 28,942 GWh was traded based on regular contracts, and 50,223 GWh on negotiated contracts.

Thermal energy produced in 2010 amounts to 17,359 Tcal

The thermal energy generated in 2010 for delivery in Romania was 17,359 Tcal, 0.03 percent lower than in the previous year, according to data centralized by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). The thermal energy produced by cogeneration was 14,120 Tcal, 1.24 percent lower than in 2009. There was an amount of 2,522.73 Tcal of thermal energy produced for delivery in December 2010 and 2,161.68 Tcal of cogenerated energy.

Source: Agerpres, ROMANIAN ECONOMIC HIGHLIGHTS, March 21, 2011.

Local energy market to see robust growth by 2015

One of the most interesting phenomena to follow until 2015 on the energy market will be the trend of the wind segment, Ziarul Financiar daily writes. The reference year 2015 is indicated because the start of 2,500-3,000 MW capacity is estimated until then, namely the equivalent of four reactors of the Cernavoda nuclear power plant (southern Romania), which now has only two reactors in operation. To reach this level from wind energy production, investments of some 5 billion euros will be needed. According to European statistics, 448 MW were installed in Romania in wind farms last year, the equivalent of some investments worth 800 million euros. Numerous wind energy projects, developed by companies such as CEZ (350 MW), Iberdrola (500-600 MW), Verbund (200 MW), Energias de Portugal (230 MW) or Continental Wind Partners (232 MW), are under preparation or underway in Romania. Moreover, the projects done last year led to a capacity leap of over 32 times compared with 2009, Romania being the seventh EU member country in terms of newly finalized wind projects. Thus, local investments accounted for 5% of the total capacity newly installed in the 27 EU member states. The electricity consumption is also expected to rise by some 5-10% versus 2010, the quoted daily estimates. In terms of energy production generated from oil, although the price of barrel has exceeded the threshold of 100 dollars amid the incidents in North Africa, analysts believe its value could stand between 95 and 110 dollars per barrel in 2015, the quoted daily mentions. Also expected in 2015 are the first deliveries of natural gas through the transcontinental gas pipeline Nabucco, with 2011 being a milestone year for the achievement of this major European project. Moreover, the natural gas price is expected to be deregulated in 2015, which will bring substantial gains to producers but will also lead to higher bills for end-consumers, Ziarul Financiar estimates.

Source: Agerpres, ROMANIAN ECONOMIC HIGHLIGHTS, March 7, 2011.