vrijdag 28 september 2012

For sale solar project 2.6 MWp in Dolj county Romania FJ017

Size/Radiation Size (system capacity): 3.26 MW Output: 2.605 MW Annual Irradiation (PVGIS): 1440 KWh/M2 Authorization & Connection Status Project Type: Ground based Solar Plant PV System Type: Poly Cristal (can be changed) Stage: Partially Permitted Completion Date: N/A Connection Date: Within 2-3 Month Permissions still to be obtained: BP Taxes still to be paid: € 49.500 Components Modules: (To be specified by investor) Inverters: (To be specified by investor) Note:[Ex.: type and brand of inverters can be changed at additional costs (re-permitting taxes)] Land Plot Size: 5,6 hectare Status of use: Intravilan (with BP) User rights: Long Term Rent (option for Purchase) Yearly costs: 400 EURO/ha Distance to Grid Connection: 200 Mtrs. Tariff Total tariff (Q1-2012): +/- €390/MWh Type of tariff: FIT+GC GC term: Green Certificates 15 Yrs. FIT Payments: According to ANRE average (€52/MWh) Green Certificates: 6 Green Certificate Price: €57.35 (Q1-2012) Deal Structure Buyer obtains 100% of the shares in the SPV] Revenues (forecast) Annual Production: 3.428.000 KWh Annual Revenues: € 1.336.920 Annual Costs: € 156.000 Investment (Project Acquisition) Net Investment per MWp: € [207.293]*** Net investment Total: € [540.000] more info mail me frjacobs@telenet.be Nr. FJ017

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