vrijdag 28 september 2012

For sale solar project 5.7 MWp in Teleorman county Romania FJ015

Following permits and authorizations have been issued: • Urbanism Certificate • Environmental Terms • Grid Connection Terms • All necessary authorizations and positive opinions from authorities and local councils,municipal and regional, are valid in place. • Building Permit • Power Purchasing Agreement is concerned, the work for obtaining this has commenced. Tracking systems with double axis The 5,7 MWp project will be constructed with double axis tracking systems. The PV Park will utilize 285 double axis tracking systems with 20 kWp installed capacity each, placed is such way to avoid shadowing and maximize energy yield. Tooling Electrical Equipment including medium and low voltage equipment will be delivered by the ABB concern whereas the cabling will be imported from the EU having all necessary certifications and other regulatory norms. All the equipment will be TUV certified, assuring the proper quality needed for obtaining the desired energy output. Output Using the PVGIS interactive on-line tool to access the solar radiation and photovoltaic potential of the area, the park output is estimated at 6,950,000 kw with a fixed system, and 9,590,000 with a double axis tracking systems. Nr. FJ015 Price on demand: frjacobs@telenet.be

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