zondag 15 mei 2011

Een Roemeense vennootschap oprichten - general partnerships

A general partnership can involve two or more partners. The partnership relationship is based upon a contract and any person who is capable of entering a binding contract may enter a partnership. Following this agreement, the parties must register their partnership with the National Trade Register Office.
In a general partnership, partners are jointly liable for the debts and obligations of the partnership and each partner can be personally liable for the overall debts and liabilities, which are not satisfied by the assets of the partnership.
The capital of the partnership is formed of the partners' contributions. These contributions can include cash, real estate, equipment, or other property. Contributions become assets of the partnership and comprise its registered capital. Romanian laws do not set maximum or minimum limits on capital, nor does it indicate how much must be in cash or other assets. These decisions are left with the partners.

A general partnership must select a name for itself. Included in this name must be the name of one individual partner, the nature of the partnership, and disclosure of the general partnership status of the enterprise (Societate in nume colectiv - SNC). If a person who is not a partner permits his or her name to be used in the name of the partnership, that person then becomes liable for the debts and obligations of the partnership in the same fashion as general partners.

General partnership matters are determined under a written partnership agreement. Where the agreement is silent or unclear, decisions are made by partners on the basis of their relative capital contributions. If a partnership seeks to have a formal management, perhaps because of its large size, a vote of the partners representing a majority of the registered capital is required.

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